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Some Black Tuesday Humor...

You might be a single triathlete if:

  1. You use your wetsuit as wall art.

  2. Your equipment stored in your living room takes up more space than your furniture combined.

  3. Your coffee table books all have the name "Joe Friel" somewhere on the binding.

  4. You have ever decided to give up dating for a month or more to save money for more race registrations.

  5. Visitors to your home question the additional shower rod in the bathroom ("Duh - it's for drying my shorts and jerseys")

  6. Your first consideration in choosing a dog is whether or not the breed can keep your pace.

  7. You've explained the differences between road bike geometry and tri bike geometry on the first date.

  8. You've worn bike shorts to work under your dress clothes because you were out of clean undies (and you didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable).

  9. You've considered making a donation at a sperm or egg bank in order to get closer to your ideal race weight (and you would use the money to buy more Gu packets).

  10. The "3rd date" means it is time for the other person to show their commitment to you by signing up for a sprint.

  11. You enjoy the freedom of waking up at 4:30 and blaring rock on your stereo during your breakfast.

  12. Part of that breakfast came from a wrapper with the word "Bar" on it.

  13. The hottie you are talking to is no longer hot because you learn he/she doesn't have a gym membership.

  14. No one has a clue what to buy you for a gift, so you always receive certificates to running/cycling/triathlon stores.

  15. You bring two cycling coats on a date instead of an umbrella.

  16. You judge the long-term potential of a SO by his/her motivational skills on race weekend.

  17. You have a set of swim goggles sitting next to your Q-Tips in the medicine cabinet.

  18. You are actually able to occasionally fit all the recommended training and sleep around your work schedule.

  19. Your blender burned out before the warranty ran out.

  20. You are the only person to bring Michelob Ultra to a party.

  21. Your date that is snooping through your medicine cabinet is concerned when he/she finds a tube of Desitin.

  22. You have asked the marker person at a race to put "SWM" (or whatever is appropriate) above your age on the back of your leg.